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Chengdu custom furniture decoration

by:AisDecor      2022-02-16
Custom furniture decoration in Chengdu has become more and more popular, and many people have begun to be keen on such decoration and decoration methods, which has also led to the abundance of custom brands in the whole house. Among them, the quotation problem has attracted the attention of some consumers and the media, because the Internet custom furniture decoration The package quotation model that is common in the decoration industry is quietly expanding in the field of custom wardrobes. After investigation, it was found that the low-priced suits of some home furnishing brands hide add-on traps. What kind of 'secrets' are contained in them? It is understood that there are three common pricing methods for Chengdu custom furniture brands: projection area pricing, unfolding area pricing, and unit cabinet pricing. According to the projected area of u200bu200bthe wardrobe (ie wardrobe width x height u003d projected area), the depth dimension is usually a standard 60cm. At present, most of the so-called customized products in the market, such as 699 yuan/* and 799 yuan/*, belong to the pricing of projection area. The unfolded area is a structure that completely separates the wardrobe, and the panels, hardware, partitions, back panels and related accessories are calculated separately for area and unit price, adding up to the total price. According to the unit cabinet price, the brand has prepared corresponding quotations for each standard cabinet, size drawer and partition in advance. Consumers can freely combine them according to their own needs. This method is more flexible in customizing furniture decoration. Now, as more and more consumers choose customized furniture, the improvement of consumer experience has become the focus of the company, and the projection area pricing is relatively simple and intuitive, just need to know the length and width of the wardrobe, and the price can be adjusted in a short time. With the emergence of internal computing, Chengdu custom furniture uses this pricing method more and more and has been widely promoted. With the improvement of people's living standards, price is not the main factor that consumers consider when customizing furniture products such as wardrobes, which makes it possible for some companies to play tricks on price. However, sincerity is the basic principle of individuals and businesses, the custom furniture and custom wardrobe industry has not yet matured since its development, and the hidden additions in such marketing will hinder the healthy development of the custom furniture market. If a Chengdu custom furniture decoration company wants to be invincible in the market, it must maintain its rationality, instead of overextending the company's interests and giving up due integrity.
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