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Cautions for cabinet design

by:AisDecor      2021-07-30
The most important thing is the reasonable combination of the sink and the stove. This is very important in the selection of the location. It can not be selected in the corner or too close to the wall. Even the pool and the stove are all equipped. Elaborate, under normal circumstances is the dishwasher or waste bin under the sink, and under the stove is the oven. This combination makes it more convenient and safer to use when washing the vegetables. You don’t need to walk away and throw away the waste alone. It can be thrown down later, and the cooking time will not be affected by the dishwasher. There is a danger of safety. Many people like open kitchens more and more, because men always talk about the beauty of women in cooking, and women are more willing to show this beauty to their beloved, but there are certain problems in this kind of kitchen, which is splashing everywhere. The oily fume will make everything around the kitchen greasy and not well organized. Although the open kitchen is beautiful, it is a huge project to maintain it. In addition, for the convenience of serving dishes, the stove is deliberately planned to be closer to the door position, which will pose a certain safety hazard. When the door is opened or closed, the fire is simply quelled and the fumes are simply blown into the room. The cost of cabinet board thickness varies greatly, and the custom-made cabinets made by merchants who use thick board cabinets can more than double the lifespan of the cabinets, which can better ensure the quality of the door panels. Materials suitable for kitchen countertops include quartz stone, artificial stone, rock slab, fireproof board, granite, natural marble, stainless steel, etc. Therefore, when buying cabinets, you must know more about the cabinet merchants. If the cabinet business you choose is dusty and polished, you must choose to install the countertops on the floor and before the paint comes out, otherwise you will have to spend money to do a second cleaning. There are three assembly methods used by general custom-made cabinets. Screw rivets and glue may use the third-generation box bar and tenon structure plus fixed parts and quick assembly methods. Therefore, you need to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each from the custom cupboards cabinets business before choosing. Some custom made cabinet manufacturers cut corners and only do single-sided sealing on the back panel. The single-sided sealing back panel is simply moist and moldy, and it is also very simple to release formaldehyde and cause pollution, so it must be sealed on both sides.
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