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Cabinets Cabinet color matching and selection

by:AisDecor      2022-02-14
1. Analysis of color selection of kitchen cabinets What color is good for kitchen cabinets? Generally speaking, the color matching of kitchen cabinets with high brightness can make the kitchen show a clean and pleasant atmosphere, which also stimulates people's appetite. For example, white, milky white, creamy yellow, yellow, these colors seem to be synonymous with food such as milk, egg yolk, cream, fruit, etc., which makes people imagine. The cool tones of blue and green are also very attractive, and the cool feeling is like a cool drink in summer. Therefore, when choosing the color of the overall cabinet, try to choose less neutral colors, and it is best to choose colors with higher brightness, such as white, milky white, blue, fruit green and light yellow. And the colors that can stimulate appetite, such as orange-red, orange-yellow, tan and other jumping colors, can be used for embellishment and eye-catching effect. Second, the more popular color of kitchen cabinets is orange: as a similar color to yellow, the color is also brighter. Yellow: The brightness of yellow is very high. Choosing yellow in the color scheme of kitchen cabinets can give people a very warm feeling, stimulate nerves and stimulate energy. Yellow can also open up the vision and make the room feel spacious. Green: Green is a color that makes people feel healthy. Choosing green as the color of the cabinet is conducive to stabilizing the mood and reducing tension, and has the functions of reducing nerves, reducing intraocular pressure, and relieving eye fatigue. Blue: Blue is a cool color, adding a refreshing taste to the kitchen and making the room more spacious. White: The vibe displayed by white kitchen cabinets is easily appetizing, especially milky whites, reminiscent of dairy products. White does not absorb sunlight, but has strong reflective ability, which can also make the room appear clean, spacious and bright.
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