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Cabinet customization is more and more popular with the public

by:AisDecor      2021-07-25
custom made cabinetscan be designed according to the room type and the lifestyle of the owners of the community. It is obvious that it is one of its advantages. Because of this, the customization of cabinets is becoming more and more popular. Before customizing the cabinets, the community owners must also Some master cabinet customization, the basic steps should be grasped. Let's take a look at the general steps of cabinet customization: 1. Sign the cabinet order form. After the cabinet manufacturer is identified, you can sign an order information and prepay the advance payment. Be careful to store the deposit form properly and return it to the cabinet contract payment after the contract is signed. 2. After signing the order information for one on-the-spot measurement, the cabinet designer can be required to provide a door-to-door service for a measurement. A measurement should be made before the renovation of the water and electricity. It is better to have all the water and electricity installation and renovation foremen present. It is necessary to integrate the reasonable layout of the water and electricity project in the restaurant and kitchen, and comprehensively consider whether it is necessary to carry out the modification of the water and electricity project pipeline. And inform the designer to understand the kitchen appliances necessary for the designer himself and the parts to be placed. After this measurement, the designer designed the prototype of the overall cabinet and the water and electricity transformation drawings of the restaurant kitchen based on the interior space of the restaurant kitchen. Hydropower fitting-out workers perform construction in accordance with the engineering drawings. 3. Second on-the-spot measurement The time of the second measurement will generally be after the construction of the hydropower renovation and wall brick works. For this measurement, the data and information must be accurate, and the parts and specifications of kitchen appliances must be clarified. Based on the measurement results, the designer must derive the precise design drawings for the cabinet customization.
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