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After reading these, you will know why custom furniture is better

by:AisDecor      2022-02-13
For furniture, we will consider such a question, whether to choose custom furniture or buy finished furniture. There is a trend now, whether our family chooses to customize the whole house or find a carpenter, it is actually a customized product. It can be said that there are fewer and fewer people buying finished furniture now. In fact, it cannot be said that the finished furniture is not good. The main reason is that custom furniture is more in line with some current trends. Why is custom furniture better? In fact, more friends choose custom furniture, which is caused by some advantages of custom furniture. Custom furniture does have a lot of advantages over traditional furniture, and in many ways, traditional furniture can't compare. Therefore, custom furniture is becoming more and more popular at this stage. It is determined by the following five advantages. ① Customized furniture products have a higher degree of fit. That is, the combination of custom furniture and our overall decoration is more reasonable. Because custom furniture was designed in early design according to our overall interior layout. This includes the size, color, style, etc. of custom furniture products. Therefore, when the custom furniture is completed, it almost matches the overall decoration style of our interior. The decoration effect is better, and it feels more classy. ②The installation method of custom furniture also determines that it is more suitable for home decoration. Because the installation method of custom furniture is through preliminary design, re-measurement during the decoration process, and then complete the installation. The whole process, in fact, echoes the decoration process of our home. In fact, to put it bluntly, custom furniture has participated in the entire hard decoration process of home improvement. This is indeed a big advantage over traditional furniture. Like traditional furniture, they basically buy furniture after renovation. This can lead to a lot of mismatches with our family. ③ The size of the custom furniture is very suitable for our current home decoration. This is also a big advantage of custom furniture. Because custom furniture is made to fit the size of our room. As mentioned above, custom furniture requires preliminary drawing design, heavy ruler during construction, and heavy ruler after the product is determined, so that we can accurately grasp the size of custom furniture. One effect of this is that custom furniture can seamlessly match our interior roofs, walls and floors. Traditional furniture is placed in our room at a certain distance from the walls and roof. Not only are there unsightly cracks, but there are also cases of filth. ④ In fact, there is another factor that makes custom furniture more and more popular, and that is the price factor. Maybe many friends are only considering custom furniture now, so they don't know much about traditional furniture. Like our customized wardrobes, the price per square meter is around 1,000 to 1,500 yuan. The wardrobe of such a bedroom is about six square meters. In fact, the cost of installing a wardrobe in a bedroom is six or seven thousand yuan. For a wardrobe of the same area, if we buy finished furniture, we will find that its price is not cheap, but higher, almost tens of thousands of yuan. ⑤For custom furniture, there is another advantage over traditional furniture, that is, the environmental protection performance is better. Because custom furniture is made from finished panels, little paint is used in the process. The materials used are actually some edge sealing materials, and most of the currently used edge sealing materials are formaldehyde-free rubber substances, so its environmental protection is still relatively good. Of course, the premise is to ensure that the board is environmentally friendly. But for finished furniture, I don't know if everyone knows it. After we choose the style, we need to go to the factory for processing. Because most of the traditional furniture is made of wood, that is, solid wood particle board and ecological board. Most of them use solid wood boards or direct wood boards, and there is paint pollution. Personal opinion is that we should try our best to choose custom furniture at this stage. Of course, custom furniture does not necessarily have to choose a big brand.
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