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Advantages of Chengdu open wardrobe

by:AisDecor      2022-02-16
Nowadays, young people in home decoration have become the main force, especially after the 80s and 90s, they are increasingly pursuing the individuality of decoration. The open wardrobe is also loved by many young people because it is not only fashionable but also saves space. The following editor will share some advantages of the open wardrobe. 1. The open wardrobe makes full use of the vacant space in the home, even the wall, and embeds the wardrobe into the wall to reduce the occupied space. It is not completely closed. The whole cabinet is opened and opened, and the clothes inside are easy to see clearly, which is convenient and easy to use. Air circulation, not easy to produce odor. Depending on the degree of openness, open wardrobes can be fully open or semi-open. 2. The open wardrobe seems to take up a lot of space, in fact, if you use the wall to create, you can make full use of the height of the bedroom, do not take up too much space, and can also extend the space, so the small apartment does not look so small, the whole Open wardrobes can be used as room dividers to divide the living room space. 3. The open wardrobe looks simple in shape, fashionable and practical, without opening the door, allowing the owner to hang clothes more quickly and accurately, and the neatly arranged storage racks make it easier for you to organize clothes. Chengdu open wardrobes have many advantages, but of course there are also some disadvantages. For example, if there is dust, etc., the choice of open wardrobe or non-open type mainly depends on your own needs. Usually in some rooms with small space, we recommend using open type, which can Get the effect of extending the space.
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