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Young people’s cabinets become 'intimacy'

by:AisDecor      2021-08-02
Today's home furnishing market has long been a sales market for young people, and many post-90s are already in existence and operate their own small families. Young people have their own core concepts for their own living and home furnishings, and for kitchen interior decoration, they look forward to better quality, say goodbye to the mess of the older generation, and complete a set of professional kitchen cabinet system software. Young people’s countertops must look good. They target the younger generation who are habitually actively sharing in social media, and “eating” is their key content. Therefore, it is a habit for young people to 'healthy' restaurants before meals. Even if the taste is average, it can't stop them from wanting to share their hearts. Technically professional cabinet personnel feel that the visual effects of cabinets are artistically beautiful, and more than 50% lies in the cabinet countertops. Therefore, if you want to take a refreshing food photo, matching a custom cabinet with a beautiful appearance can have the effect of drawing a dragon and refreshing it. The countertops of young people’s cabinets are very easy to clean. For young diners who love special food, special food and cooking experience are like fish and bear's paws. The two cannot be taken into account. The messy and complicated natural environment of the kitchen has always been a problem for young people. The 'stumbling block' of the kitchen. But it's okay, only an easy-to-clean cabinet countertop can further make such young diners less worried about the kitchen and easily make a table of delicious food. After the kitchen is tidyed up more easily, the housework is relieved and the cleaning time is also saved. Young people’s cabinets and countertops must have 'intimacy'. The Tsinghua Design Research Office conducted a survey on 'Chinese Healthy KitchensVariety. The cabinet countertops are just the indispensable medium for the value of this kind of emotional use. This also stipulates that the countertops of the cabinets must not be cold utensils, and must have sufficient 'temperature'. The 'temperature' of the cabinet countertops is reflected in the design concept of the product management center based on human factors, focusing on the original intention of the design plan to deal with user needs. Fashion trends are always changing, and the fashionable design styles of cabinets are constantly changing. It is the root of the cabinets to ensure that they are easy to use and durable.
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